Studio Policies


Lesson Description
For school age children, lessons are one hour in length.  Please see the Wunderkeys page for information about our preschool program.  The lesson consists of a variety of activities: individual instruction at the piano, computer assisted instruction in rhythm, sight reading and theory, listening lab assignments and cooperative games.  Frequently two students are scheduled in the same block or overlapping.  Since I teach on  digital pianos with headphones, one student can be quietly working on sight reading on a computer while the other student is having direct instruction at the keyboard.

Method Book
I use a variety of method books in my teaching.  I try to match each student with the materials that will help him/her be most successful. 

Music/Media Fees
The cost of music and media fees are factored in and included in your all-inclusive tuition payment.

Special Auditions
If your student desires to participate in special auditions such as a Keyboard Clinic, talent show auditions or other special performances, please contact me well in advance so we have time to prepare adequately.  Fees for these auditions are payable by the students and are in addition to regular tuition.

I believe it is important for students to have many performance opportunities and to have their playing affirmed.  Our holiday recital is usually held the second Saturday in December and is very informal.  Our late winter/early spring recital may be scheduled any time from March to June.

Each student is expected to practice daily.  Your student should practice enough to have most assigned pieces learned perfectly.  An assignment book is maintained and each week's assignment is recorded in it.  Parents should frequently check to be sure that the entire assignment is being practiced.

Group Lessons
Group lessons for school age students are scheduled about once per quarter.  These events  center around theory games, music history, literature and masterclass performances.  They are held in place of the regular private lesson.

Length of Course
The piano course at Miller Music Studio consists of 32 lessons throughout the school year.  Summer lessons are available at our mutual convenience and at additional cost.

Make Up Lessons
I offer make up lessons only for sickness or death in the family.  Make up lessons are scheduled in the lesson calendar at regular intervals.  Make up lessons due to snow days or teacher illness will be made up at our mutual convenience or by adding a week at the end of the year.

What to Bring to Your Lessons
Each student should have a tote bag for holding music books.  Bring all method books (lesson, theory, performance, technique) even if we have not been working in  them.  Always bring your assignment book, music dictionary and manuscript book.  Please do not bring chewing gum, food, drinks or trash into the studio.

Communication with the Teacher
At the end of your child's lesson time, please come into the studio to briefly discuss your child's progress.  This will give you an opportunity to read announcements on the bulletin board.  I also post regular announcements on the Miller Music Studio Facebook page and send e-mail notes.

Tuition is due at the first lesson of the month  and is payable without penalty until the 10th of the month. For more information about tuition please call or send me an e-mail from the Contact Us button above.